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So you think you can conceal

We understand that sometimes, even after using the best products and adding the best efforts to them, the concealing application does not look as right as expected. If you are having this problem, then the first mistake might not be in your concealer product or the effort, it can be in your applicator. Every concealer brush provider would promise you the best results, but you should never believe that right away. If you have the lousy applicator, you have fallen prey to the common concealer mishaps. If your applicator is genuinely a perfect one, then you might be using the wrong type of concealer. Let us discuss the common concealer mistakes so that you can rethink your concealing effort with us

Relying too much on your fingers

There is nothing wrong with trusting your fingers because that’s what most of the makeup professionals do. You, not being one of the best professional, might rethink your application methods. Using fingers to apply the product on your face might get you to waste a lot of product and not getting the perfect finish.

Not using the right concealer

When it comes to concealer, you might need to check the undertone of your skin and the concealer shade. Using the wrong kind of concealer can also cause a problem with getting the right results. Another thing that most people forget to comply with is that one should never use the undereye concealer on the breakouts or scars. It would not work as it is not designed to work in those areas. You might end up getting improper coverage and dark skin.

Not applying correctly

Not using a primer before and powder after the concealer is one of the significant problems that can cause concealer to not work correctly. You always need to give proper time to all your makeup products and follow the expert opinions to get it right.