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Eye Makeup Brushes: Your 2020 Cheat Sheet

When you think about it, you realize that trying to find out the function of all the versatile types of eye makeup brushes, it might take a lifetime. Learning about the brushes used to be an easy feat back when they just started, now the cosmetic distributor might have to come up with the encyclopedia stating what brush does what. For a newbie, every brush looks the same and perhaps works the same. In this blog, we have tried to decode the science of makeup eye brush, thus, helping you understand the eye brushes. We will try to make it simple and secure, so you can step out of all the big jargon used for the smallest of the bushes. We will cover all the basics of cosmetic tools and brushes ranging from the angled eyebrow brush to your primary smudger and eyeliner applicator. 

The 6 Different Types Of Eye Makeup Brushes 

1. The Angled Eyebrow Brush - This brush is meant to make it easy to draw on your eyebrows. The feathery touch is there to give a natural finish. 

2. Eyeshadow Stamp Brush - This brush is there to make it easy to pick the product and help in even application of the product over the eyes. You can find this in medium size as well.

3. Eye Contour Brush - This brush is meant to sweep the product evenly across the socket line 

4. Eyeshadow Blender - This brush is intended to give a smooth and blended look while diffusing the pigments. Contour tipped brush is used to fix the product across the socket line. You might opt for a flat blending brush if you want a smokey eyeshadow look. 

5. Cut Crease Brush - It is meant for the application, blending and diffusing the product across your inner eye corners. The precision concealer brush is also used for a similar purpose 

6. Eyeliner and Spoolie Brush - Nothing new to the ears, they are used for the application of eyeliner and mascara.