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8 Essential Makeup Brushes That You Must Know

A makeup brush is the most essential tool for the application of makeup and face painting. These brushes are either made of natural or synthetic fibers. Makeup brushes are available in versatile variety, and each brush has a specific and vital function. Through makeup brushes, the makeup blend more perfectly in your skin. Some of the most essential makeup brushes that are needed regularly:


  1. BLUSH BRUSH: The blush brush gives your cheeks a rosy look and an appearance you desire for. The perfect blush brush is a domed-shape bristle brush and has a bigger head than most brushes. The correct way of applying the blush brush is to move the bristles on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion.
  2. HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH: If you want the right amount of color and shine in your face, highlighting brush is a perfect tool for you. This brush should have smooth dual fibers, and the whiskers should look feathered.
  3. CONTOURING BRUSH: The contour brush lift and highlight specific areas of your face. This brush has fluffy and angled bristles.
  4. CONCEALER BRUSH: Concealer brush is one of the most crucial brush, and without it, any makeup is incomplete. The concealer brush hides the blemishes and faults of your skin more appropriately. The finger could more worsen your skin condition, so it is better to use the concealer brush. It is a medium-size brush with a dome shape, flexible bristles, and a tapered head.
  5. EYELINER BRUSH: Eyeliner brush is the tool that can provide the most beautiful and complete look to you. It is an angled brush with a flat head and stiff bristles. Also, it offers precise lines.
  6. FOUNDATION BRUSH: A liquid foundation brush is angled with densely packed bristles and provides an airbrushed look. It gives you complete coverage.
  7. POWDER BRUSH: The powder brush appropriately blends and sets you complete makeup. These makeup brushes are smooth and packed bristles. 
  8. LIP BRUSH: The lip brush has a long wand that provides astonishing colors to your lips.